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About us

Merlot Reiser 2019

About Merlot Reiser
We are a Norwegian tour operator, founded in 1995, specialized in biking and hiking tours in Europe. Our office is located in Oslo. 

The Merlot team in Oslo

From the left Bodil Reppe, Anna Kjersti Frey, Siri Skjønhaug, Laura Kolling, Arne Vogt Rustad, Grethe Gustavsen, Marte Frostad, Erik Anderson, Laura Azzarelli, our watchdogs Cesar and Thibault, Irene Asphaug and Cathrine Jacobsen. Nelly Winterhalder and Solveig Enger were not present when the picture was taken. 



Erik Anderson

Founder, chairman and pathfinder     

Erik founded Merlot Reiser in 1995.  

Laura Azzarelli

Product manager

Production Norway, Italy and Spain. 

Grethe Gustavsen

Production France and Switzerland. Head of marketing. 

Arne Vogt Rustad


Marte Frostad

Managing director and travel coordinator

Bodil Reppe

Travel coordinator, team leader

Anna Kjersti Frey

Travel coordinator

Irene Asphaug

Production Norway and France

Laura Kolling

Travel coordinator

Siri Skjønhaug<

Travel coordinator

Cathrine Jacobsen<

Travel coordinator

Nelly Winterhalder<


Solveig Enger<

Travel coordinator
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