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Terms & conditions 2019

Terms & conditions 2019 (applicable from 01.11.2018)

Upon booking a trip, a deposit of NOK 2,000/ EUR 211 per person, as well as any cancellation insurance, is payable. By making a booking, the customer accepts these terms and conditions, and the booking is binding upon Merlot Reiser (hereafter referred to as MR) once the deposit has been paid. If the deposit is not paid by the deadline specified when the booking was made, MR is at liberty to cancel the booking without prior notice.

The prices are based on prevailing exchange rates as at 1 November 2018 and include all fees, taxes and/or surcharges. If a tourist tax is payable directly at the destination, this must be stated. If exchange rates, taxes or surcharges were to change significantly after this date, Merlot Reiser reserves the right to amend its prices. Notice of any price increases must be given to the customer no later than 20 days prior to departure. If the price increase constitutes 8% or more of the cost of the trip, the customer has the right to cancel the trip and receive a refund of the amount paid. The final invoice for the trip shall be paid 35 days prior to departure. If payment is not received by Merlot Reiser within this deadline, the trip may be regarded as cancelled and may be sold to another party. 

Cancellation without cancellation insurance taken out at Merlot Reiser
The customer may cancel the trip and any extra nights in accordance with the following regulations:
In the case of cancellation more than 42 days before departure, the customer will be liable for an administration fee of NOK 500/EUR 52 per person. 
In the case of cancellation between 42 and 15 days before departure, MR will retain the deposit. 
In the case of cancellation less than 14 days before departure, or if the customer misses the departure or is not in possession of the necessary papers (passport, flight ticket, etc.), MR will retain the entire cost of the trip. 

Cancellation with cancellation insurance taken out at Merlot Reiser
If, at the point of booking, cancellation insurance in the amount of NOK 300/EUR 31 per person is taken out, the customer is entitled to the following: In the event that the customer or his/her immediate family (spouse, registered partner, cohabitant, child, parent, parent-in-law or sibling) suffers sudden, serious illness, personal injury or death that makes it inadvisable to travel, the customer has the right to cancel the trip. The same applies if such circumstances affect a party the customer is travelling with and it would be unreasonable to expect the customer to complete the trip without the party in question. If the remaining party elects to travel, he/she will not be liable for any single room surcharge. When circumstances as described here occur, the customer must immediately inform MR that the journey cannot be completed. Any illness must be documented with a doctor's certificate. Serious accidents involving significant injury must be documented with a police report or insurance company certificate. Documentation shall be submitted to MR no later than one month after cancellation has taken place. MR will then refund the amount paid, less an administration fee of NOK 300/EUR 31 per person. Cancellation insurance will not be refunded.

Changing from a double room to a single room
MR will charge the customer the prevailing single room supplement if the customer has booked group travel with a shared double room and nobody else wishing to share a double room has made a booking by the time of departure.
If a customer has booked a trip in a shared double room together with a travelling companion, and the latter cancels the booking, requiring the customer to change to a single room, the following regulations shall apply: 
If the travelling companion cancels more than 42 days before departure, the travelling customer must pay the applicable single room surcharge. 
If the travelling companion cancels between 42 and 15 days before departure, Merlot Reiser and the travelling customer will share the applicable single room surcharge. 
If the travelling companion cancels less than 15 days before departure, Merlot Reiser will not charge the travelling customer the applicable single room surcharge. 

Change of booking fee
If the customer wishes to change a booking (departure date, destination, hotel, etc.) after a trip has been confirmed by MR, the customer will be charged a change of booking fee in the amount of NOK 200/EUR 21 per person, if Merlot Reiser is able to comply with the customer's wishes. This does not apply to the booking of additional nights. 

Right to transfer the trip
The customer has the right to transfer the trip to a person who fulfils all the necessary conditions, providing the customer notifies MR to this effect within a reasonable time before departure.  

Merlot Reiser's obligations
MR is obliged to provide the trip as described at MR may cancel a package holiday if it cannot proceed due to unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances and the customer is notified of the cancellation without undue delay. In such cases the customer is not entitled to compensation. 

Customer's obligations
The customer must adhere to the payment deadlines and, upon departure, must be in possession of the necessary travel documents such as passport, flight ticket, etc. Travel insurance is mandatory. The customer is obliged to fully comply with MR’s recommendations in respect of essential clothing and equipment for the trip. The customer is obliged to comply with regulations issued by public authorities and by MR’s representatives, and must not behave inappropriately towards fellow travellers or others. The customer is responsible for observing traffic regulations, for using a bicycle helmet when cycling and being moderate with regard to the consumption of alcohol on the trip. The customer is liable for damage to hotel fixtures, bicycles and electric bicycles, as well as theft of unlocked or improperly locked bicycles and electric bicycles.

Transportation of luggage
Only clothes and equipment that are too heavy for the customer to carry around may be sent via the luggage transport service. Valuables of minimal weight and high value, such as money, necessary medications, glasses, jewellery, cameras, passports, credit cards, etc, should be kept in the possession of the customer at all times. Our maximum liability for luggage being transported is limited to 1 main item and NOK 10,000/EUR 1,030 per person. We will not be responsible for small additional items. If the luggage is damaged during transportation, the customer must immediately notify Merlot Reiser's office in Oslo, or the customer will forfeit the right to submit a claim.  

If the customer finds anything defective with the trip, the customer shall immediately notify MR’s on-site representative or MR’s office in Oslo. Provided the defect was reported during the trip and the defect was not satisfactorily rectified within a reasonable period of time stipulated by the customer or if it would be impossible or entail unreasonable costs for MR to rectify it, the customer may themselves rectify the defect and make a claim for the necessary expenses to be reimbursed. The customer may alternatively request to be offered an alternative travel service or discount or cancel the trip and request a full refund to the value of the travel services that were not delivered. If the defect causes a loss to the customer, the customer may claim compensation from MR. MR is not liable to pay compensation if it can be documented that the defect was caused by unavoidable or extraordinary circumstances. 
If any disagreement should arise between the customer and Merlot Reiser regarding defects in the trip and terms and conditions, the customer may submit the case to Pakkereisenemnda within 4 weeks of receiving a final answer from Merlot Reiser.
For circumstances not mentioned under these terms and conditions, the "General Terms and Conditions for Package Trips" prepared by Virke Reise Utland and the Consumer Ombudsman shall apply.

Merlot Reiser is a member of the Norwegian Travel Guarantee Fund


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